Do You Deserve to Own One of the World’s Best Muscle Cars?

muscle-carHaving one is already a dream so imagine how ecstatic it feels to own two or even more of the world’s best muscle cars. That would no doubt be the definition of heaven on land for a true blue aficionado and fan!

But the questions beg. Do you deserve to own them? In fact, are you even worthy enough to have one? What does it really take? We decided to seek the answers to these boggling queries. Below is a list of the things we’ve discovered that you’ll definitely need to have under your belt or in your sleeves.


Let’s be honest. Jokes and humility aside, it will take anyone a significant amount of cash to purchase a muscle car. Even the most affordable of these machines cannot fully satisfy the definition of the word “cheap” because they are far from that. But not all of them are mind-blowing expensive. Still, you’ll need to prepare thousands of dollars just to buy one and we’re not even talking about repairs, upgrades and maintenance yet.


A car is a lot of responsibility so imagine how many times this will be multiplied if you own not one but more vehicles and muscle cars at that. Plus, all the more if we’re talking vintage here. Although you don’t necessarily have to be some expert or professional, you must still possess a good level of skill and knowledge to ensure that you can maintain and supervise its use and care. In other words, you’ll need a good load of research to do. Call it a thesis maybe.

  • CARE

Even mean machines like cars need some good old tender loving care. Maintenance plays a huge part in ensuring their functionality, the slowing of the wear and tear process, prevention of risks and damages and their overall upkeep. You don’t just pay and own one. You need to be a parent to them as well.


Oh no, we don’t mean the Halloween kind. We mean the spirit of fun and perhaps a teaspoon of danger matched with barrels of responsibility. Many owners and collectors of the world’s best muscle cars don’t just have them sitting around looking pretty. They drive them. They drive them a lot and you should too. Where’s the fun in owning a mean machine if you don’t bust them out for a good spin?

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