How Vehicle Colors Speak

car-colorsColors have a lot to say and we’re not only speaking at a visual standpoint. As much as hues are deliberately for design and esthetic appeal, what people don’t realize is that their hue choices and preferences have an underlying meaning. Psychology has long proven that colors have their connotation and they can play a part in how we perceive something or someone. As visual cues, they can evoke our subconscious and instill a thought or idea. Speaking of which, have you ever stopped to ponder what your chosen vehicle color says about you? clues us in.


Perhaps one if not the most popular choice, black exudes elegance, luxury, and sophistication. It’s no wonder why most luxury vehicles come in this color. Also, have you ever noticed how limousines and transport vehicles that carry important people (e.g. political leaders and diplomats) seem to be in black? That’s because it also denotes power and authority.

  • BLUE

A reflection of the driver or owner’s optimism, practicality and cheerful personality, blue speaks good things. While darker shades display professionalism, medium shades mean meekness, reliability and trustworthiness. Lighter shades on the other hand reflect a chill or low key personality with little to no desire of massive public attention.


Shades like green, brown and beige signify a person who loves the great outdoors or at least loves nature in general. These aren’t the most popular vehicle colors if you take a look at the streets and the highway but you’d often find these among automobiles that frequent the mountain roads and countryside.

  • GRAY

Reflecting a simple and humble persona, gray cars stir clear of being branded as flashy. But we kid you not when we say that most people who opt for this color are high on the tech radar. They may not seem much from the outside, but they’ll surprise you when you take a peek inside. Gray is the hue of innovation, functionality and modern machine convenience.

  • RED

Of all the items in this list, red is no doubt the most attention grabbing. It’s the “look at me” color that wants attention. But more than that, it symbolizes ambition, energy, confidence, and power or the desire to attain these qualities. Most sports cars have this hue.


Like black, white vehicles evoke elegance and class. This is why many bridal and wedding vehicles come in this color. It’s may not be a very popular choice among owners says but it’s one that’ll stay no doubt.

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