How Striking is the Custom 1970 Camaro

1970-Camaro-SEMAThis question is always bound to receive a ton of answers and a landslide at that. It’s safe to say that the Custom 1970 Camaro is so striking that it silenced all the other vehicles at the SEMA Show in Las Vegas.

To say that people did double take or had their eyeballs rolling would be an understatement. This 1970 Camaro outshined them all even the Gen 6 Camaros that were sashayed with it. But what’s so special about this machine?

First things first, its hyper blue metallic finish and accompanying white rally cross body stripes make for a very powerful visual punch. It has the signature closed two-door car body style with a permanently attached fixed roof that makes for that classic sports car feel. It’s too eye-catching that it just stands out among the rest. As they say, in a world full of stars it’s the one that’s bound to steal the spotlight. It’s so electric it makes it hard to look away.

Another very interesting catch to the machine is the fact that it’s the perfect marriage of modern meets vintage. The 1970 Camaro, dubbed as one of the best muscle car classics, was equipped and upgraded with the best updates any automobile can possibly have. It even comes with a T-56 Super Magnum 6 speed manual gearbox and transmission, a six-point roll cage, wet-sump kit, aluminum cylinder heads, aluminum pistons, an overhauled suspension with coilovers at both the front and the rear, complementing air conditioning, front-end accessory drive kits, titanium intake valves and custom gauges. Whew, what a mouthful!

In terms of power, the grandest of them all has to be its engine. The vehicle was fitted with an LT4 crate engine, the most powerful one from General Motors to date which belts out 650 horsepower, a 650 pound-feet of torque and a top speed of 155 mph.. With so much speed and clout, manufacturers also installed Corvette Z06-based front and rear disc brake kits for optimum stopping power. The said kits were first developed and designed for the Stingray.

To truly capture its vintage side, the interiors were a beefed up version of the Gen 3 Camaro. The seats were made of custom trimmed leather. The fully updated gauges also came wrapped in the same custom leather. To create juxtaposition on the exteriors, manufacturers added LED headlights and the taillights to complement the hyper blue metallic finish.

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The 1970 Custom Camaro’s Secret Weapon

1970-custom-camaroWhen it comes to cars, the 1970 custom Camaro is a certified stunner. It sure made heads turn during the 2015 SEMA Show in Las Vegas. In fact, we ourselves had to do a double take. We couldn’t believe our eyes then and we still couldn’t now. This big chunk of metal is not your typical mean machine. It’s a rare blue diamond.

We’ve all seen a Camaro from the seventies so what separates this vehicle from the rest? What’s so special about it?

Chevrolet, the automobile division of the American manufacturer General Motors, made waves when it presented the perfect blend of technology with a classic twist in the form of the Custom 1970 Camaro at the SEMA Show. The SEMA auto show, which stands for Specialty Equipment Market Association, is a trade-only event attended by qualified individuals from the automotive industry known for its grand displays, educational seminars, product demonstrations, special events and networking opportunities.

With its hyper blue metallic exterior and white rally stripes, it sure is a show stopper. The 2 door coupe muscle car with a maximum speed of 155 mph held steadfast its classic and timeless appeal but has been upgraded with an LT4 crate engine and a T-56 Super Magnum six-speed manual gearbox. It boasts of an astounding 650 horsepower and a 650 pound-feet of torque. With the additional power, the 6.2 liter supercharged V8 has been given titanium intake valves, aluminum cylinder heads and forged aluminum pistons. Furthermore, manufacturers added in a Corvette Z06-based disc brake installation, a six-point roll cage and custom gauges for maximum safety.

The vehicle’s chassis has been revised to perfection with suspension coil-overs installed at all four corners and a four-link setup upgrade. The head and taillights featured LED lighting and 19-inch wheels were brought in.

Inside, it comes with custom-trimmed seats that are reminiscent of a Gen3 Camaro. The custom leather wrapped instrumental panel features new gauges to monitor engine performance and works perfectly with the electronic systems.

Jim Campbell, Chevrolet USA’s VP of Performance Vehicles and Motorsports, said in an official statement that the brand aims to endlessly fuel the dreams of enthusiasts with endless possibilities be it in a classic resto-mod concept Camaro, a vintage truck or street rod. Without further explanation, the company obviously achieved such feat with the brilliance of its hyper blue metallic Custom 1970 Camaro. With this astounding muscle car, we say bring it on Chevy!

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